Restaurants in Tokyo for Foodie Visitors

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FREY's Famous Pizzeria

Servies well-balanced Italian-style pizzas at resonable prices. Coud be the best Italian pizza place in the Roppongi area, though the other dishes than pizza are quite ordinary. Come for pizzas. Period. My rating: 4.5 FREY's Famous Pizzeri…


Photo from Tabelog Exceptional 'cost and benefit' balance. Never had sushi as good at 10,000 JPY. Comfortable space to talk with people you take with, moderately casual, so you don't need to feel pressured not to talk. Great quality and se…

Sushiya Ichiryu

Photo by クワトロ☆ Photo by クワトロ☆ Photo by クワトロ☆ Photo by クワトロ☆ Photo by クワトロ☆ A bunch of great Sushi places to be found in the Ginza area and this is one of them. You WILL NOT regret it although it costs you some money. De…