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A good Oyakodon place, best for lunch. If never had Oyakodon and like chicken and fine with undercooked egg, just go give it a shot. It's definitely a sophisiticated Oyakodon and if you end up not liking it much, then don't try Oyakodon go…

Le Bonze

Photo: Tabelog Classic French bistro. Small and hidden, close from both Ginza and HigashiGinza stations. Each dish takes relatively long to come as there's only one chef in the ketchen. Drink-slowly-eat-slowly type of birstro. Don't come w…

Ebisu Yakiniku Kintan

Kintan group has several Yakiniku restaurants in it and they are all very good. I like this one in Ebisu best for its menu, service and interior. Lunch menu is pretty reasonably priced. Good for business meals, a date dinner, friends getti…