Restaurants in Tokyo for Foodie Visitors

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Could be the ONLY pizza place that serves authentic Chicago style pizza in Tokyo, 3 branches available now. Pretty popular among non-Japanese (American) residents in Tokyo for their pizza. They also have a long list of different craft beer…

Toriyaki Sasaya

One of my favorite Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo so far. Reasonably priced, quality chicken, finely cooked. Relatively easy to make a reservation (which is great) as it's not too exposed. Can be used for various occasions. Quiet environmen…

Gyukatsu Motomura

Very popular "Gyukatsu" (beef cutlet) restaurant that now runs 6 branches in Tokyo (as of October 2016). Note that Shibuya branches are always very crowded and you should expect to wait for an hour or so, I'd suggest you get there 30-60 mi…